Treatment of Sleep Apnea


Could Oral Facial Therapy Be the Answer for Sleep Apnea?

By Dr. Mercola Not sleeping well? You’re not alone… A recently published study1 from Sweden highlights just how common more severe sleep problems, like sleep apnea, might be. Apnea is a Greek word that means “breathe.” Sleep apnea is the inability to breathe properly, or the limitation of breath or breathing, during sleep. The study, [...]

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Sleep Apnea Tied to Depression

By Nancy  Walsh, Staff Writer, MedPage Today Published: March 30, 2012 Reviewed by Dori F. Zaleznik, MD; Associate Clinical Professor of Medicine, Harvard Medical School, Boston and Dorothy Caputo, MA, RN, BC-ADM, Nurse Planner Both men and women with obstructive sleep apnea are at elevated risk for major depression, a large nationwide survey revealed. Men [...]

OSA in Children: Information from the ASAA

By Carole L. Marcus, MD OSA (obstructive sleep apnea) is estimated to occur in 1 percent to 3 percent of otherwise healthy preschool children.1,2 The peak prevalence is at two to six years of age, but it can be seen in neonates to adolescents. It is thought to occur equally among boys and girls, and can result [...]

Shak Attacks Sleep Apnea

Featured on the Harvard Medical School website, this video offers an overview of sleep apnea. Sleep apnea is often underdiagnosed even though it is linked to serious health conditions. Hear how basketball star Shaq "attacked" sleep apnea ...

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